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The Sleep Gallery is Tallahassee, Florida's largest and most-trusted adjustable bed specialty retailer.

Along with getting the enjoyment from a new mattress, today's adjustable beds bring a whole new level of luxury comfort to your bedroom. We offer dozens of different models that bring every possible feature to you so you can find the absolutely perfect adjustable bed base for your needs. Today's electric bed models are rather advanced, yet really easy to use and fully-backed for piece of mind operation for years to come. Remote controls have never been so much fun.

That's right, with the push of the button on your remote control, life-changing action springs to life. Massage away stress and rejuvenate your muscles, turn up the heat, raise your feet and lower your head, watch TV in just the right position and so much more.

The possibilities are nearly endless with today's adjustable bed bases. The advancements in the last few years have brought a new generation of electric beds to life and they are vastly different from anything you experienced at Grandma's house or with your last hospital bed.

We offer America's finest adjustables and they come with every possible feature and in all your typical mattress sizes. And our split models provide double the fun so each of you can take control of the action. It's important to note that while the remote control ease makes an electric bed base sound fun, and they are, they also bring many therapeutic benefits, too. Raising your head just right can reduce pressure on your back and relieve snoring. Those are some benefits that many of us really need.

We encourage you to visit our adjustable bed showroom and test rest all of our models and feel the advantages for yourself. Lay flat for a few minutes and remember what your typical night's sleep is like, then raise your feet up just a few inches and relax for a few more minutes. Once you settle in for five to seven minutes, focus in on your back, neck and lower legs. How do they feel? Next, return to a completely flat position and compare the difference. In that short time, you will notice something special. Just image how special it would be if you spent all of your sleep time feeling as great as this!


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